Swage Stud - Right Threads

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Uses of the swage stud

The swage stud can fit for small or large any cable railing projet. It is ideal for marine, industrial and architectural applications.

The swage stud (right threads) can be used as a terminal in the swage stud turnbuckle assembly for metal post. For a superior finish outside the post, it can be matched with the the stainless steel threaded sleeve.

It is possible to match left and right swage stud to make self-tensioning assemblies. In these assemblies, the tension of the cable is done by screwing the nut on the outside of the posts.


Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel - No rust, will look perfect for a lifetime

Fits 5/32" or 4mm wire rope cable

Thread pitch : 1.25

M8 Right or left threads (Right-Hand studs tighten clockwise, and Left-Hand studs tighten counter-clockwise)

Hardware need to be swaged with a cable crimper