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Trellis kit for climbing plants

The trellis kit for climbing plants includes all the components needed for installing a cable trellis. This kit fits perfectly with the trend of green walls or wall garden. The trellis kit allows you to give personality to your house wall, your facade, your backyard or your garden. The kit is offered for homes and businesses.

Please contact us if you want a custom made trellis.



The trellis kit for climbing plants can be mounted to a variety of building and structural types (wood, brick, concrete, etc.), both indoors and outdoors.

The trellis kit is 3’ wide (92 cm) x 7’ high (213 cm).


The treillis kit consist of :

5 stainless steel swageless threaded studs cable rail system

40 feet of Stainless Steel 1X19 Wire rope cable

25 Stainless Steel Cable Cross Clamps

2 aluminium mounting brackets (comes in any color you want)

1 installation guide



Install the mounting brakets at a distance of 7 feet (distance from the center of the lower bracket to the center of the upper bracket)

Install the stainless steel swageless threaded studs

Install 5 horizontal cable runs (3 feet each) and fix them to the vertical cable run with the Stainless Steel Cable Cross Clamp

Plant your favorite plants at the base of the trellis and give them water and love!