Swageless Jaw Turnbuckle - I - Metal posts

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Uses of the Swageless Jaw Turnbuckle - I- Metal posts

Originaly used on sailboat. very strong stretching force on long runs.

Can be fixed in a Metal post cable railing project with the Swageless threaded stud - Right Threads and the Threaded sleeve.

The Swageless Jaw Turnbuckle is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cable railling projects.


Quick connect – No specialized tools needed (swageless)

Easy to install

Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel - No rust, will look perfect for a lifetime

Fits 5/32" or 4mm wire rope cable

For cable tensioning, simply rotate the turnbuckle body

3 parts of hardware: Low head bolt with hexagonal socket, turnbuckle body, swageless threaded stud - left threads with very strong holding force.