Deluxe Square Glass Spigot

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Uses of the Deluxe Square Glass Spigot

This modern square glass railing spigot is a unique model in Canada designed by GauthierDeLaPlante. It is stronger than any similar glass hardware product on the market.

This surface mount spigot is suitable for tempered glass in frameless railings or fences, for swimming pools glass fence, glass gardens, railings, stairs, etc.

This glass bracket is a cost-effective option : no  need for pre-drilled holes in the glass.

This spigot is designed to be mounted on the surface of your deck or balcony.

The deluxe square glass spigot suits for both indoor and outdoor glass railing projects.

The deluxe square glass spigot suits for domestic or commercial projets. It is the best solution for exterior frameless glass deck railing systems.


Unique model in Canada

Easy to install, no maintenance, strong durability

Corrosion resistant, will look perfect for a lifetime

Marine grade stainless steel Duplex 2205 (Stronger than SS 304 or SS 316)

Fits for ¼’’ to ½’’ or 6mm to 12mm thick tempered glass panel

2’’ - 50mm clearance under the glass

No holes to be drilled in the glass

Finish: Brushed stainless

Height: 6¼’’ or 158mm

Weight: 2.6kg


Each spigot includes:

  • Compression plate, rubbers and 2 grub screws for fixing the glass panel in the bracket
  • 4 leveling screws and bottom plate that protect surface when levelling 
  • Plastic plates for levelling the glass in the bracket
  • Base plate cover


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