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Installing cable railing for stairs with aluminum post

There are several reasons why someone might choose to install cable rail in indoor stairs. You might want to create a more spacious and open feel in the home with sleek and modern look that can complement many interior design styles. Cable railing is a cost-effective solution as it is are often more cost-effective than other types of railings when the overall installation cost is considered, as they often require fewer materials and labor hours to install. Installing cable rail on stairs is an easy-to-do job. Here are the few steps you need to consider for installing a guardrail with wire rope and aluminum post. 

1 - Measurement
Once your staircase is built and all that remains is to install the aluminum railings with stainless steel wire rope, you will first need to take a few measurements that you will send to your manufacturer. In particular, you will need to calculate:

A - Rise
B - Run
C - The diagonal between the first step and the landing
D - Tread run
E - Tread rise
F - Nosing
G - The number of steps

To have your posts and handrails produced by GauthierDeLaPlante, please submit all your measurements through our stair measurement guide.


2 - Production of posts and handrails
From these measurements, it is then possible for the manufacturer to produce the handrails as well as the posts of the right height according to the angle of the staircase. Above all, drilling the holes with high precision is a critical step to ensure that the cable runs will be perfectly parallel.

Different parameters must be taken into consideration for a safe stair railing. In particular, the distance between the cables runs must not exceed 4'' - 102mm. According to these standards and depending on the design of the railing, it will then be necessary to install 7 or 8 cable runs.

Additionally, in some jurisdictions such as the United States, it is generally recommended that the space between the lowest cable run of the guardrail and the 90 degree angle created where the rear of a stair tread meets a stair riser must be less than 6” - 152mm in diameter.

 At GauthierDeLaPlante, the entire design of stair posts and handrails is designed using sophisticated digital tools that take into account all the important parameters in the design of a stair railing. If it seems simple in appearance, there is still a certain complexity in the design.


3 - Installation

When the material delivered to the customer, only the installation remains. Briefly, the main steps for installation are:

  • Install the posts on the steps according to the manufacturer's technical guidelines
  • Install handrails (wooden or aluminum) to solidify the structure before tensioning the cables
  • Install turnbuckles and fasteners in end posts
  • Tension cable runs

A railing with stainless steel wire rope with an aluminum structure creates space in your layout, while modernizing the style of your house or cabin. It is important to be aware that the design and production of a cable railing for a staircase can be complex. For a flawless result, it may be best to hire professionals to design and produce the railing for you. To get a quote, click here.