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Inspiration for cable railing with timber post

The construction of a railing can take many forms depending on the style of the residence and the desired design. For some, a completely wooden patio structure can be overloaded. The integration of stainless steel cable allows to lighten the structure and add a touch of contemporary design.


Add stainless steel cable accessories to your railing with wood post
Turnbuckles and jaw / fork terminals are simple to install. All you need to do is to install your end posts, intermediate posts and handrail securely with a durable wood species.

When your wood railing is completed, all you have to do is to drill holes in your end posts to install the turnbuckles and other fittings and drill your intermediate posts to pass your stainless steel cable through.

There are a wide variety of hardware parts that can be used as turnbuckles, tensioners, terminals, etc. The most important thing you need to consider for an exterior railing project is to make sure the parts are resistant to rust. The standard you should ask is 316 stainless steel (SS316).

Be very careful with the products offered in big-box stores, the quality of the materials is a must for a durable outdoor railing! The price for others material such as galvanized or SS304 hardware or is lower but don’t expect a great finish and durability.

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