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3 easy steps for planning your frameless glass railing project

GauthierDeLaPlante offers a selection of high quality products for the installation of frameless glass railings. This type of design makes it possible to create landscapes that provide a contemporary, elegant style that maximizes the view. All of our products are of superior quality and are suitable for both interior and exterior projects.


3 easy steps


  1. Identify the number of glass panels

  2. Calculate the quantity of glass spigots

  3. Choose the spigots and glass accessories




1 – Identify the number of glass panels

The dimension of the glass panels will vary according to each project. To protect a swimming pool, the final height should generally be 48”. For balconies less than 6' high, the glass railing must have a total height of 36''. For balconies more than 6' high, the glass railing must have a total height of 42''.



It is recommended to install 48” wide glass panels, regardless of the type of installation. In the example below, the balustrade project will require 11 glass panels. We recommend 10mm or 12mm glasses.


Ex : A balustrade with 3 sections




2 – Calculate the quantity of glass spigots

Calculating the quantity of glass spigots is relatively simple. For each 48” wide panel, 2 spigots must be installed. So, if you have 11 glass panels, you will need 22 spigots.

In some projects, it may be more appropriate to have larger glass panels. The maximum width of a glass panel that can be installed with two spigots is 60”. Beyond this width, we recommend you to install 3 spigots for each glass.

The glass spigots can be installed on a wooden balcony, on a fiberglass balcony or on a concrete surface. It is important to remember that no drilling of the glass is required. Installation is relatively simple: once the spigots are fixed to the ground, simply slide the glass panels into them and secure with the set screw.



3 – Choose the spigots and glass accessories

It is important to choose quality materials for a durable and maintenance-free project. To prevent rust, it is recommended to select spigots that are made from quality stainless steel. While there are various grades of stainless steel, it is recommended to buy, at minimum, marine grade stainless steel (316) spigots. Our spigots are made of Duplex 2205 stainless steel, a superior grade offering increased resistance against corrosion.


It is also important to choose spigots that are strong enough to support the weight of the glass panels and withstand the forces caused by the wind. To do so, make sure to validate the weight of the spigots. For example, the weight of our Deluxe spigot is 2.6 KG (~7 pounds). Some suppliers or online sales platforms sell spigots that weigh around 1.2kg. This type of product is not suitable for a safe glass railing project.



To perfectly align your glass panels and increase the resistance of your installation, it is possible to install 90 degree or 180 degree connectors between the glasses.


In the case of a swimming pool, you will have to install hinges and latches to secure the access. In these cases, drilling of the glasses will be necessary.