Classic Kit for wood post cable railing

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Classic kit for wood post cable railing

Best choice for for its ease of use. Can be used for stretch up to 40 feet. Swageless fittings, very strong holding. No special toll needed


For each line of cable, the kit include a classic turnbuckle and a classic terminal with a wood eye bolt.

A section should have 4 to 9 line of cable.

Exterior or interior use

Installation of cable railing:

First fix the wood scew eyelet.

Hole in intermediate post are 3/16 or 1/4 when protecting sleeve are used (recommended)

For the classic turnbuckle, drill a 11/32 hole. Fix the turnbuckle with the washer and the nut (not the cap nut).

Unscrew the jaw and insert the cable inside the jaw sleeve. Using two spanners thighten firmly.

Fix the cable on either side and cut the cable to reach the other end. Fix the other side.

Stretch the cable by turning the nut of the turnbuckle. Cut the excess threads leaving 1/4 threads and and srew the finishing cap nut.

Repeat for each line

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